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Synovetin OA®

Is your dog limping, having trouble getting up, or lagging on walks? It could be osteoarthritis (OA), a painful, debilitating, progressive joint disease affecting up to 1 in 4 dogs.

A hallmark of OA is inflammation of the tissue surrounding the joint—called synovitis. This normally protective membrane becomes inflamed, causing intense pain and lameness, and leads to the destruction of cartilage. Without treating synovitis, the pain and progression of OA continues on and on—and the worse it gets, the worse it gets!

This ongoing inflammation promotes the formation of osteophytes that further compromise joint integrity. Essentially, synovitis establishes a vicious, destructive inflammatory cycle that perpetuates the deterioration of joint structures and worsening OA symptoms. Without treating synovitis, the pain and progression of OA continues unabated.

We now have a new treatment called Synovetin OA® that is designed to profoundly reduce synovitis, break the vicious inflammatory cycle, and provide long-lasting relief from OA pain. Unlike traditional drugs that simply block pain signals, Synovetin OA is a unique treatment that works at the source of pain to reduce inflammation by targeting macrophages. Just 1 simple, fast, intra-articular outpatient treatment provides up to 1 FULL YEAR of pain relief. And since Synovetin OA only works in the joint, there are no systemic side effects.

Synovetin OA effectiveness and safety in canine elbows have been proven in multiple clinical trials, resulting in 4 peer-reviewed publications, and has been used to treat thousands of dogs’ joints to date. While indicated for canine elbows, it has been successfully used in other canine synovial joints, and our license allows for this use. It’s comparably priced to other OA treatments and is covered by many pet insurance companies. We are now specially trained, licensed, and proud to offer this incredible therapy to veterinarians in the area who care for arthritic dogs.

Revitalize Your Dog’s Joints with Long-Lasting Relief

  • Sustained Freedom from Discomfort: Up to a year of pain relief lets your dog rediscover the joy of movement.
  • Targeted Solution: Gets to the root of the problem for long-term results.
  • Safe and Gentle: No need to worry about daily medications or systemic side effects.

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