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Pet Loss

Experiencing Pet Loss

For many people, the death of a pet means losing a cherished family member who has been a constant companion and source of love in its most innocent and purest form. The animals with which we share our lives and our hearts are frequently the one source of support that remains stable and consistent through the many life changes we experience. We walk with our pets, we talk with them, we eat with them, and we exercise and sleep with them. Why then are we so often surprised by the intensity of emotions we feel when they die? We fall in love with our pets and whether they walk, crawl, or fly, or have fins, fur, or feathers, the loss of such a companion can be heart breaking. If your companion animal has died, you have a right to be sad, hurt, angry, confused, or to feel overwhelmed. In fact, any emotions that we feel when a person we love dies are very likely to occur when a pet dies.

Madison Veterinary Specialists understands the deep connection between people and their pets–because we are pet parents, too. We’ve put together this page to bring together some great resources to help with the sadness of losing a furry family member.

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