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Team Coordinator – Emergency Overnight

Currently hiring for overnight shifts (~7pm-7am)

Do you want to be part of a collaborative team that makes a difference in pets live every day?

Job Overview:

The ER Coordinator, whether licensed or unlicensed, helps to manage patient care and the client experience.  They assist and provide timely, caring, compassionate and detail-oriented care for hospitalized patients and outpatients. The goal of the ER Coordinator is to foster a culture of team trust and enhance lines of communication between the ER, CCS team and the client.

They are responsible for assisting with and delegating ER triage calls, monitoring incoming and outgoing emails through the ER message center, facilitating communication between the ER team and CCS team, invoice auditing for the ER team and facilitating client/patient care. Emphasis and focus to be put on creating a comforting and empathetic experience for euthanasia’s, discharges and facilitating timely communication for patient visits. They must maintain detailed and correct medical records in ImproMed, while ensuring all charges are included in invoice. Updates and communicates with client in a timely and respective manner.  The ER coordinator is to attend rounds when possible to inform the CCS team on the plan for patients that day.


Educational: Extensive and broad knowledge of animal science, medicine, husbandry, including basic knowledge of pharmacology. High school diploma or equivalent is required. Higher education is preferred but not required.

Physical: Must have the strength and stamina to lift approximately 50 pounds, walk dogs weighing up to 130 pounds and work on their feet all day.

Ergonomic: An employee in this position must be capable of safely working in environment with potential exposure to hazardous materials, infectious and zoonotic diseases.

Other: An employee in this position must have a strong sense of helping client and caring for animals and to assist with emergency or critical-care patients as needed. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding clients and patients for whom the practice provides veterinary services. Ability to multi-task, prioritize and delegate while maintaining composure in stressful situations is expected.

Essential Job Functions:


  • Always be in position and prepared to work at the start of each scheduled shift.
  • Be prepared to handle any pet or facility emergency that may arise. Follow contingency plans.
  • Competently speak and write the English language and communicate thru interpretive services as needed to meet the needs of the client.
  • Continuously strive to gain more information, additional skills, and keep up with new developments in the field through reading journals, and attending continuing education.
  • Follow OSHA standards, and other safety protocols and procedures put in place by MVS.
  • Know and use standard medical and business abbreviations and terminology when speaking and writing.
  • Know the range of services the practice provides and the species MVS treats.
  • Maintain a professional appearance while at work, including clean and pressed uniforms or clothes.
  • Participate in ER and CCS staff meetings and huddles and report cross coverage materials to each team
  • Stay current on policies, procedures and schedule by checking your professional and personal e-mail, reading the weekly meeting minutes and Attendance on Demand daily.
  • Understand and be able to recognize animal behaviors (ex. Fear, aggression), know how to change approach to animal based on behavior.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Additional Job Responsibilities

  • Ability to provide in-hospital care based patient status. (i.e.: critical, medical board)
  • Ability to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest in a patient
  • Timely and confidently perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Knowledge of electronic treatment plans and able to complete in a timely manner.
  • Ability to enter and complete medical records
  • Ability to walk, sling, rotate and maneuver patients
  • Ability to enter charges into invoice
  • Ability to understand triage and able to triage patients appropriately
  • Able to check patients in by acquiring a full descriptive history, along with patient vitals
  • Able to round doctors in full and concise manner
  • Ability to enter charges, based on the provider on staff
  • Able to fill and dispense medications appropriately, by hospital standards
  • Able to discuss take home instructions and/or educate client on how to treat their pet
  • Ability to enter and complete medical records effective and efficiently working with various ER veterinarians and MVS specialists
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